Freezone Company Business Setup in Dubai

Custom Duty Benefits
100% Foreign Ownership
Tax Exemption

Setting up a company in one of the Free zones requires specialized knowledge. With Legaly transition into Dubai’s Freezone areas is effortless, ensuring your venture is primed for success from the get-go.

Legaly Best Legal experts

Legaly’s Specialized Freezone Offerings


Zone Selection Advisory

Within numerous Freezones in Dubai, each with its distinct advantages, Legaly assists you in pinpointing the one that aligns perfectly with your business needs.


Licensing & Registration

Whether it’s a trading license, service license, or industrial license, Legaly ensures your business obtains the necessary permissions without a hitch.


Regulatory Compliance

Stay updated and compliant.
Legaly demystifies Freezone regulations, making sure your
business aligns with all the
zone- specific norms.


Office & Infrastructure Setup

Find the ideal operational base. Legaly guides you through the process of securing office spaces, warehouses, or factories within the Freezone.


Post-Establishment Support

Beyond your company’s
establishment, Legaly offers
consistent support,
including visa processing,
license renewals, and timely
regulatory updates.

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