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Are you thinking about getting divorced in Dubai?

At Mohamed Eid Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants, our skilled team of divorce lawyers is here to help you with everything you need from beginning to end. We know how difficult and stressful this time can be emotionally and financially, which is why we want you to know that we are on your side. Our attorneys will use their knowledge in the field to protect your rights and get what is fair for everyone involved.

Overview of Our Divorce Law Services

Divorce can be one of the most complicated things a person goes through in their life. So many different factors come into play during these proceedings — it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Don’t worry, though; our lawyers have seen it all before and are ready to guide you every step along this journey towards singlehood (or whatever else awaits). We’ll take apart each aspect individually so that we can better understand how best to serve our clients:

Divorce Law Service

Key Areas of Our Divorce Law Service

We offer expert legal advice designed specifically around YOUR RIGHTS as well as what suits YOUR NEEDS BEST. This may involve talking through options available at present while recognizing that they could change later down the line if need be – awareness being key! Our lawyers will walk with you throughout this process ensuring everything is clear and understood by both parties involved.

Marital PROPERTY should always be shared equally, but sometimes other things like investments might also count under those terms; still, others could be considered valuable assets, too… It all depends on particular circumstances surrounding them, such as when they were acquired, among others! What matters most however, is fairness, which means there must be EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION taking into account contributions made towards acquiring said items vis-a-vis what each party needs thereafter, given changes brought about post-divorce.

CHILDREN are always the most important part in any divorce; thus their custody should be handled with utmost care. We take into consideration what is best for them while ensuring that both parents have a say and spend quality time together as well. This may involve coming up with a parenting plan among other things. Additionally, fair support agreements must also reflect this.

Some partners might still need help financially after going separate ways due to factors such as age or health among others…. Our lawyers understand this too well hence fight tooth and nail until they get FAIR ALIMONY awards based on those grounds! There will definitely be negotiations about it so don’t worry because our attorneys will handle everything accordingly

If both parties can agree on certain things without involving courts then there’s really no need for lengthy battles. We can provide a neutral third party who helps facilitate the discussions which often leads to compromise being reached between all involved here –win/win situation!

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Divorce Law

Frequently asked questions

It is crucial that you take the time to understand various aspects of your rights and financial capabilities and how CHILDREN (if any) will be affected by this decision. Our lawyers are ready & willing to discuss these matters with you; therefore, contact our office as soon as possible so we can start strategizing on what suits YOU BEST!

The court looks at several factors including but not limited to AGE, HEALTH STATUS & EMOTIONAL WELFARE OF THE CHILD when making such decisions… Thus one parent could end up having physical while another gets legal guardianship over kids etcetera. However, we always ensure fairness during determination of these matters.

The first step towards achieving successful property division involves identifying all MARITAL ASSETS. This means whatever could be counted as joint ownership between you two needs to get listed somewhere – do not forget about those hidden accounts either! Valuing them accurately would come next before negotiations can begin; sometimes things may not go well hence COURT INTERVENTION becomes necessary… Just relax because our team shall be there for you through every stage ensuring fairness prevails!

In conclusion

Trust Mohamed Eid Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants to handle your divorce proceedings with compassion and professionalism. We have been in this field for a long time so we know what it takes, besides our dedication towards excellence too. Our attorneys will provide all necessary legal support needed during these tough times thereby guaranteeing a fair outcome in the end. Call us today!!

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