Authentication Services

Do you need authentication services in Dubai?

At Mohamed Eid Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants, we provide authentication services that are comprehensive in scope. Our team is committed to ensuring your documents' authenticity and legal validity through a wide range of methods. We understand how important it is for businesses and individuals alike to have their paperwork verified, so we strive to offer fast yet accurate service.

Types of Authentication services.

Authenticating a document means proving its credibility and legality. Our experts provide you with exceptional support in this regard by giving you all necessary information about different types of authentications required locally or internationally depending upon your needs.

Authentication Services

Why do I need Document Verification?

Our lawyers can verify contracts which include agreements between two or more parties.

Any agreement signed should be authenticated by our attorneys as they have been trained on this area.

All certificates issued must pass through legal processes before being accepted hence it is important that they are verified first.

The verification process involves meticulous review and examination of these papers against set standards, which helps us determine whether compliance has been met or not.

We offer comprehensive notarization services for clients seeking professional help certifying signatures on important documents such as wills, deeds, power of attorney, etc. All these instruments require endorsement from recognized authority figures like judges, but sometimes individuals may want their papers stamped too, just because it gives them peace knowing everything was done correctly.

By so doing, we help you comply with international legal requirements governing documentation needed overseas, thereby saving time wasted if one decides otherwise due to a lack of knowledge concerning the same matter. However, there exist different ways where our lawyers could assist someone in getting his/her papers apostilled since we know what entails each method used during this exercise, including those procedures followed within organizations responsible for handling such issues.

Documents that need consular legalization should be authenticated and legalized by the relevant consular authorities. This process is important because different countries have got their own laws regarding acceptance of foreign documents hence there need for such procedures to take place if at all one wants his or her document recognized abroad.

We provide certified copies of original documents that serve as true and accurate representations thereof besides meeting other necessary requirements prescribed under law. The importance attaching to these kinds of papers lies on their usefulness when an individual may wish to keep originals safe but still use them elsewhere without fear being questioned about where those initial sources might have been kept

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Authentication Services

Frequently asked questions

There are various types of documents that require authentication including contracts, agreements, certificates, diplomas, power of attorney among others. However; you can always contact our office so that we guide accordingly based on specific needs.

Just bring your original document to our office where one them will assist in getting it notarized thus making legally valid.

An Apostille is a certification provided under Hague Convention which ensures recognition internationally while Consular Legalization involves authenticating papers by consulates or embassies outside territories governed by this convention e.g., Non-Hague Convention Countries like Canada, Australia etcetera.

In conclusion

Trust Mohamed Eid Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants to handle your authentication needs with precision and professionalism. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, we provide the legal support you need for the accurate and efficient authentication of your documents. Contact us today for expert legal advice and authentication services.

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