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Our team of criminal law experts is highly skilled and ready to help. We dedicate ourselves to managing complicated criminal cases, mounting strong defenses, and presenting strategic legal solutions for your rights’ protection as well as justice.

A summary of our criminal law

Being charged with a crime can be overwhelming but our team is committed to providing outstanding legal defense aimed at safeguarding your rights and interests. We go through the evidence with a fine-tooth comb and match it up against effective defense strategies that suit your particular case.

Criminal Law Service

Key areas of our criminal law service: -

During criminal investigations we provide professional advice so that there are no violations on your rights. Our experienced lawyers will work hand in hand with you to come up with a solid defense strategy.

We offer strong representation when faced with different types of charges including fraud, embezzlement, assault or drug offenses among others. Our aim is always to prepare exhaustively for trial in order to push for dismissal, charge reduction or acquittal.

Having had extensive exposure at courtrooms across the country; our advocates are well positioned to represent clients during their appearances before judges/ magistrates while also taking part in hearings as well as trials. We fight tooth-and-nail for fair treatment and justice.

Whenever appropriate, we engage in plea negotiations so that charges or penalties may be reduced. Skilled negotiators within our ranks ensure they get terms that are most favorable on your end.

In case of a conviction we don’t just leave it at that; instead we explore various avenues aimed at post-conviction relief such as appeals or even sentence modifications where applicable. This means that throughout such processes we shall be fully committed towards righting any wrongs done while providing continuous support on all fronts.

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Criminal Law

Frequently asked questions

Do not hesitate to call us for consultation as soon as possible. Our experienced lawyers will guide you through the process while ensuring all your rights are protected.

The duration of a criminal case mainly depends on its complexity. We shall however provide an estimate during our initial meeting with you and also keep updating you accordingly.

As an individual under investigation, it is within your rights to remain silent and request legal representation. From this point forward be rest assured that we will do everything legally possible in order to protect these rights throughout both investigations as well as subsequent court proceedings.

In conclusion

By defending your rights, Mohamed Eid Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants can be trusted for fair play. With vast experience coupled with commitment towards quality service delivery; we have what it takes when dealing with any form of criminality. Call us now so that our skilled team may offer guidance or represent you in court when needed.

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