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Seizing Opportunities: Mergers and Acquisitions in Dubai

Dubai’s Rise as a M&A Powerhouse

Dubai, a towering force in the Middle East, now stands as a beacon for mergers and acquisitions. Local enterprises are embarking on global odysseys, while foreign counterparts are lured by Dubai’s flourishing economy. This dynamic panorama has firmly established the UAE as one of the most coveted investment destinations.

Seamless Amalgamations

The Dubai Company Law anchors two pivotal forms of company amalgamation:

  • Merger: Involves dissolving two or more companies, culminating in a new entity that consolidates the assets and liabilities of the dissolved firms.
  • Acquisition: Entails liquidating one or more companies, followed by the seamless transfer of their assets and liabilities to an existing entity.

Both amalgamation types necessitate approval from the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) for joint stock companies in Dubai. For mergers, a formal agreement, compliant with the UAE Civil Code, is imperative.

Acquiring Excellence: Share vs. Asset

The acquisition voyage offers two pathways:

Share Acquisition:

Encompasses purchasing shares in a target company, securing a stake in its ownership.

Asset Acquisition:

Focuses solely on procuring a company’s assets during the amalgamation, sidestepping equity considerations.

Tax Advantage: Dubai’s M&A Landscape

Dubai’s M&A arena is amplified by its tax-friendly ecosystem, levying a nominal corporate tax rate of %. Moreover, M&A transactions revel in exemption from additional levies like value-added tax and stamp duty. Dubai also extends a waiver on withholding taxes for such transactions. In cross-border M&A endeavors, acquainting oneself with the tax laws of the foreign company’s home nation is prudent

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